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Final presentation P1b 20171220.Xai-10.j
Final presentation P1b 20171220.Xai-09.j

Academy of Architecture Amsterdam (2017)

P1b - The sound of Silence (by Abdesssamed Azarfane & Milad Pallesh)

We are currently living in the heyday of the active consumer society. We all want more and more, everything has to be faster and better. We often seem to forget ourselves, with the result that the balance in life itself is hard to find. People are getting overstrung, confused and are more often unsatisfied with their life. The mid-life crisis which for decades took place around the 50th year of age, now found its introduction in the late 30’s and beginning 40’s. How would life be if we took more time to reflect?


In this assignment we're going to visualize the sound of silence in a spatial pavilion on the Zuidas in Amsterdam. The task is to create a space where people can visit to think and to reflect, alone or together, for believers and non-believers. The creation of space is the central task for this assignment and the way this space in a poetic way contributes to reflection and well-being. People do not take time to reflect, observe or meet. This is one of the reasons why they are unsatisfied, they don’t let themselves be.


In my pavilion, everyone that enters is forced to feel different feelings in different atmospheres. Formed by different elements that define atmospheres, I have created spaces to meet, spaces to reflect and spaces to observe. 

Final presentation P1b 20171220.Xai-01.j

Gustav Mahlerplein on the Zuidas in Amsterdam.

Final presentation P1b 20171220.Xai-06.j
Final presentation P1b 20171220.Xai-05.j
Final presentation P1b 20171220.Xai-04.j
Final presentation P1b 20171220.Xai-12.j
Final presentation P1b 20171220.Xai-11.j
Final presentation P1b 20171220.Xai-08.j
Final presentation P1b 20171220.Xai-07.j
Final presentation P1b 20171220.Xai-02.j
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