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Academy of Architecture (2019)

P4 by Raul Correa-Smith and Saline Verhoeven

In line with the global demand for sustainable vehicles, buildings and sustainable energy generation,

industries and infrastructure are asked to become more sustainable and at the same time need to

become more efficient to satisfy the growing global demand. Superstructure combines production,

transport, living and landscape in one efficient line.

Superstructure is a proposal for a radical change in infrastructural and industrial spatial organization.

Superstructure is an multi-functional transporting and facilitating system that runs along the canal and

connects to the mainland. Superstructure is not a set of pipes that connects different companies, it is a

method for intensifying food-producing industries, connecting flows from different actors to reduce

transport and for reprogramming space in the harbors for nature and leisure. Intensify to create space.

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